Customer Reviews…

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Each week we receive customer review cards sent in by people to rate the service they received from our plumbing technicians. This feedback is valuable to us and we greatly appreciate when folks take time to fill them out, for better or worse…

Happily, the vast majority are positive, and some even offer glowing praise of how our techs solved their issues and saved the day. This is what our company strives to do for everyone. However, there are times when someone is NOT happy with our work and we get to hear about their dissatisfaction.

Negative customer experiences are taken seriously because excellent service is what we want to be known for. We learn from every negative review we receive.  When we receive a negative review, we contact the customer and attempt to make things right with them. In some cases, one of our techs may need some additional training or tools to provide stellar service. At other times it may be that something else needs to be addressed. Either way a poor customer review is an opportunity to improve as a company.

As a family owned business that believes in personnel development and employee empowerment it’s crucial that we receive feedback from customers.

These days’ people have other avenues to leave reviews other than just our review cards. Online there are several highly used, and trusted, review websites. Facebook, Google, Yelp and Trip Advisor all offer users a chance to review businesses. For many people these reviews often influence their buying decision, therefor it is important that all companies pay close attention to customer satisfaction.

In closing, please know dear reader, if you happen to be a customer of ours we want to hear from you! If you’re a user of Facebook, Yelp or another review platform feel free to share your experience there or by using the form on our website’s review page.